Monday, 12 November 2012

Sorry, I’ll never be mature enough to honour British war criminals

Apropos of James McClean, here is the BBC reporting last month on the ‘controversy’ surrounding the visit by Japanese politicians to the Yasukuni Shrine in Toyko to honour Japan’s war dead.
The Yasukuni Shrine is the Japanese equivalent of the British Poppy, both “honour” their countries’ war dead, but as much as both may try to ignore the facts, these war dead include people who committed crimes against humanity.

There are some differences between here and there however.

*China and Korea actually protest anytime a Japanese politician visits the shrine.
*Korea was part of the Japanese Empire for 35 whole years.
*AFAIK people in the Korean media don’t ask if Koreans are ‘mature’ enough to honour Japan’s war dead or Koreans who fought in the Japanese Army.
If anyone wants to honour Irish people who fought in WWI wear an anti-war white poppy, otherwise you’re honouring British war criminals, something I’ll never be mature enough to do I’m sorry to say.

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