Thursday, 15 August 2013

Aon Ghéilleadh! – Gaeilge úsáidte ag an Protestant Coalition

Tá Gaeilge úsáidte ag an Protestant Coalition ar leathanach Facebook an pháirtí dílseachta conspóidí.

Cén fáth a deirim go bhfuil siad conspóideach? Sa chéad dul síos seo páirtí atá tar éis tacaíocht a léiriú d'ionsaithe ar an PSNI, nó an PSNIRA mar a ghlaonn siad orthu go minic. 

Is é Jim Dowson, iarbhall den pháirtí faisisteach, an BNP, duine de na bunaitheoirí. Bhunaigh sé páirtí fíordheis eile, Britain First, chomh maith, agus tá ceangal láidir idir an dá ghrúpa.

Mar aon le sin tá rabhaidh déanta go minic ag an PC go bhfuil baol ann go rachaidh dílseoirí i mbun 'cogaíochta' má leantar le cúrsaí mar atá ó thuaidh. 

Creideann siad chomh maith go bhfuil Facebook i mbun comhcheilg frith-Phrotastúnach agus frith-Dhílseachta toisc go bhfuil ceanncheathrú an chomhlachta lonnaithe i mBaile Átha Cliath.

Mar sin, is páirtí antoisceach lán le gealta é an Chomhghuallaíocht Phrotastúnach. Ach más féidir le páirtí mar seo an Ghaeilge a úsáid is léir nach baol í an teanga don fhéiniúlacht Aontachtach.

Chuir an páirtí físéan faoi Léigear Dhoire ar an leathanach Dé hAoine (9ú Lúnasa) ach ní raibh gach duine sásta go raibh sé i nGaeilge (tuigtear gur cuireadh clár faisnéise faoin léigear i mBéarla ar an leathanach níos déanaí).

“I prefer the English translation rather than this Leprechaun language…NO SURRENDER,” a dúirt John MacLaughlin.

Dúirt an Chomhghuallaíocht áfach go bhfuil Gaeilge ag Protastúnaigh in Albain.

“tens of thousands of Scottish Protestants speak the Gaelic!!” arsa an páirtí.

Níor ghlac an tUasal MacLaughlin leis an dearcadh seo.

“Maybe so but we are in Northern Ireland and the majority speak the English language. Far too many times we see the likes of bbc and the media use this leprechaun language on the t.v. and in the papers. Everybody to their own but I shall not be using it as 99% of my friends wouldn’t understand me,” ar seisean.

Scríobh an Protestant Coalition ‘aon ghéilleadh’ ar an snáithe níos deanaí, an t-aistriúchán ar ‘no surrender’ atá ag Google Translate.

Leiríonn suirbhé ar nach gcuireann sé seo isteach ar phobal na Gaeilge. De réir na dtorthaí is déanaí tá 1% (duine amháin go dtí seo) den tuairim gur le náisiúntóirí amháin an teanga agus tá 3% (beirt) idir dá chomhairle. Creideann 96% (68 vóta) go bhfuil an ceart ag gach duine an Ghaeilge a úsáid.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Anti-Semitic material on Irish ‘Freeman’ website

Just over a week ago I’d never heard of the ‘Freeman’ movement. I now wish I could say the same, as it is disappointing to discover that there are people in Ireland who believe in such rubbish.

‘Freemen’ are essentially a cult-like group that claims citizens do not have to obey civil law. It sprang from the US Sovereign Citizens movement which believes in similar nonsense. 

It is interesting to note how ‘freemen’ in different countries adapt different pseudo-legal arguments to prove the same point (that  they don't have to comply with civil law), for example much emphasis is placed on the Magna Carta in the UK while in Ireland the collective tribe-based Brehon Law is put forward as being superior in some way to our current legal system.

More detailed explanations of the ludicrous claims of the Freeman movement can be read here and here.

Another interesting aspect of the movement is the widespread belief in conspiracy theories. One of the most common ones is the claim that a tiny secretive cabal of politicians and bankers are seeking to enslave humanity in an oppressive global ‘New World Order’.  This is apparently being done by a whole host of real and imagined organisations like the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg group, the Rothschild family etc.

Having had some knowledge of the Sovereign Citizens I was aware that there is an anti-Semitic variant of the NWO theory which claims that Jewish people are controlling this alleged attempt at world domination.

So I decided to search the websites of the leading Freeman group in Ireland, Tír na Saor, and its internet radio station, to see if any of their users subscribed to this particular theory.

Here is what I found:

*The notorious Nazi propaganda film, ‘The Eternal Jew’, made by Joseph Goebbels in 1940 prior to the commencement of the Holocaust.

*Other vile anti-Semitic videos with delightful titles such as ‘A Devil in Disguise’ and ‘Synagogue of Satan – Beginners Guide to the Jewish Question’.

*Claims that the US Federal Reserve (Central Bank) is a ‘private counterfeiting organization run by Jewish bankers’.
*A post on the site commemorating anti-Jewish postage stamps issued in 1941 by the pro-Nazi puppet government in Serbia depicting “a strong and victorious Serbia crushing an evil Masonic-Communist-Jewish plot for world domination." The post also contains an article by US Neo-Nazi William Pierce on the NATO-Serbian conflict in 1998 which he describes as an attempt “to use White Americans to kill White Europeans in order to advance the Jews' schemes.”

*Comments claiming that 'Jewish People' killed the Russian Royal family in 1918 “because they warned the world of the enslavement of the world from the Jews.”

*Praise  for Russian President Vladimir Putin for opposing ‘oligarchs’ Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Boris Berezovsky who are ‘both Jews just by chance.’

*An article uploaded on the Tír na Saor internet radio website written by recently deceased ultra-conservative Catholic writer Deirdre Manifold claiming that Jewish bankers orchestrated the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia,


*A video of an anti-Semitic speech by US Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

By the way, I have also found two anti-Semitic comments on the website forum of the new political party Direct Democracy Ireland, which has extensive links to the Freeman movement.

Comments on the party's online forum state that ‘Zionist Jewish bankers’ control central banks around the world while another claims that ‘rothschild zionists are out to murder the lot of us and future generations.’

I have also found evidence that an activist with Direct Democracy Ireland has posted anti-Semitic material on the internet.

All in all it’s a pretty shocking state of affairs that DDI and Tír na Saor would allow such offensive, hate-filled bigotry on their websites.

Neither organisation has responded to emails I sent them with questions about this disgusting anti-Semitic material.