Thursday, 11 August 2011

Riots in the UK

The authorities in the UK seem to have regained control of the streets following days of looting and rioting.

I've no doubt that most of the people involved in the chaos are those who normally spend their days and nights robbing, joyriding, intimidating residents and generally making people's lives a hell.

That doesn't mean that law and order is the only response to this issue. There is rarely a clear line between criminal, sociopathic elements and the rest of society.

Increased poverty, unemployment and reduced services like community centres etc will swell the ranks of the 'disaffected youth' making outbursts like those seen in England more likely.

Letting criminals in the middle and upper classes away with behaviour that can lead to massive spending cuts or bankrupt a nation entirely also doesn't help with the 'working man is a sucker' argument of criminals either.

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