Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kevin Myers on crack

A while ago I read an article by commentator Kevin Myers on crack. He has actually been writing articles on crack for years now, as these links show (Link, Link).

It's obvious Mr Myers has a great interest in crack and he probably likes to have some crack now and then.

Lots of people think that crack rocks, but I would warn him that there is such a thing as too much crack, as the buzz people get from having crack can be quite addictive.

As far as I know Kevin Myers works from home and probably has so much crack there that his humble abode might even in future be referred to as a 'crack-house'.

Mr Myers has such a love for crack that if he was to work in an office he would surely end up breaking some Health and Safety rules.

Although as a man who doesn't suffer political correctness gladly, I've no doubt he would tell Health an Safety officers that he doesn't give a damn about their nanny-state regulations, and that they can put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Ok, I'll admit it, the above paragraphs are a tongue in cheek comment on Kevin Myers' bizarre obsession with the word 'craic'.

You may have been confused by the title, 'Kevin Myers on crack'. What I mean by this, of course, is Kevin Myers writing about crack, not the other meanings of 'on crack' – that someone is high on crack cocaine or has deranged opinions.

The fact that 'crack' has had two meanings since the advent of crack cocaine may just be a clue to the reason the alternative spelling 'craic' has become more popular.

Kevin Myers complains that 'craic' is an Irish version of the English word 'crack' (which is found in terms such as to 'crack a joke').

He also believes for some odd reason that Irish speakers will be shocked and horrified by this 'unpalatable' revelation.

Let me assure you Mr Myers, we're not.

As a long-time opponent of the Irish language ('Erse in a hearse' is how he put it once) I've no doubt his obsession with 'craic' (seriously, three articles?) is just the latest of his ridiculous attacks on the language.

Although to take this particular attack seriously you would indeed have to be on crack.

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